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We would like to say THANKS to those who link to us.

Here at extraworksheets.com we are working to build our content and connect our visitors with more free resources. If you have a website that is not about free printable worksheets but is related to education and would be a great resource for teachers, please swap a link with us. Send us an email and describe your site in 50 words or less. We hope you find the sites below useful and please let us know if you find a broken link.

Teacher's Websites............

Chad's Daily Teaching Tools is a great resource to start with if you are looking for ways to get students using awesome internet resources. Chad's site is full of great stuff.

Curriki.org was created with the idea of collecting and sharing open-source curriculum. It's complex but full of valuable free material written by teachers. Spend some time learning to use the search features and you are sure to great free lessons, handouts, and worksheets for your classroom.

www.coolteacherlinks.com is our own original "cool links" for teachers.

www.academicinfo.net features education resources for current teachers (research tools, writing guides, journals, books etc) as well as study information for prospective teachers. --thanks for this suggestion, Joan!

Teacherfiles.com is like having another teacher's filing cabinet at your fingertips! --thanks for this suggestion, Pat!

Freedom in Education is a UK based website with a great variety of resources.

Reference Websites............

PBS Kids is a large resource.

Bookfinder4u.com is a resource for finding books at bargain prices.

Cheap-Textbooks.com also has a used textbook price-finder that reveals the lowest prices on new and used textbooks from discount college textbook stores.

Top 20 Encyclopedia Resources

State and Government Websites...

Professional Development, Memberships, and Pay-per-use Sites............

360.edu has a variety of resources for teachers and offers professional development opportunities.

Verizon offers educational apps! Thanks for the suggestion, Rachel!

Search Engines

ASR Search Engine

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