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Music Products for Sale

Most of our resources from www.extraworksheets.com are free, but we've also included some resources below that you can buy. Let us know if you find a great product and recommend our list to others.

Remember these resources are not "free" --Be willing to skip dinner out this week and invest in something you can use for weeks instead!

Rocket Piano is a course to teach anyone piano. For under $50 get started right away. You also have the option to order the course on CD.

Pure Pitch method promises to teach anyone how to hear a chord and name it. Whew! Is that worth $97 to you?

Blues Guitar player shares his experience and secrets. Aspiring Blues artists should definitely check this out.

Fun Music Software teaches students to read music. The program allows teachers to track progress for up to 50 students and it comes with music puzzles, handouts, and worksheets for music beginners.

*Disclaimer: Have I personally held all these products in my hands? No. So of course I can't guarantee anything, but evaluate each one and I do not think you will be disappointed with the money you invest. *

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