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Math Products for Sale

Most of our resources from www.extraworksheets.com are free, but we've also included some resources below that you can buy. Let us know if you find a great product and recommend our list to others. Remember these resources are not "free" --Be willing to skip dinner out this week and invest in something you can use for weeks instead!

Math Games Package: A pretty cool package for under $30 that allows you to create your own printable board games, card games, and game worksheets --over 450 pages!

Fun With Figures: If you really want to show off your math skills, spend less than $30 to learn new mental strategies to do just that. Includes Mental Math Brainer Trainer software.

Seriously Simple Sums: This could be a great classroom or homeschool resource for the student who struggles with multiplication tables or fractions. Share it with others and watch students succeed in math. Teachers, keep it on your classroom shelf to hand out to parents who want to help their student succeed.

Lesson Plan on Check Writing: In a 72 page document, you get simple lesson plans for writing checks, balancing a checkbook, understanding bank statements, and more. For less than $15, you get not only a professionally-created lesson plan but with bills to pay and bank statements to balance over a 3 month period. Very Cool!

Math Mate!: You get a 600 page book about math as well as a 600 page document about Englsh. Free samples are available to browse. This might be great for a summer project for a struggling student or a basic resource for the homeschool family --all for $25. Remember I mentioned earlier that for the price of dinner out you could have a resource to use over and over again?

Math Riddle Book: Have some fun with math using riddles. Great for drills and practice in the classroom, --with a chuckle at the end. Instantly download for less than $13.

MathFoundation Online Math Course: Learn math online --basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. Great for those catching up or reviewing. Original fee is $49, but appears they offer monthly discounts also.

Math Worksheet Generator: The name explains it...sort of. It's a small but nifty program to generate your own practice sheets! However, the catch is that you don't just print them out, but students get to do them on the computer. They become Interactive Math Worksheets!

*Disclaimer: Have I personally held all these products in my hands? No. So of course I can't guarantee anything, but evaluate each one and I do not think you will be disappointed with the money you invest. *

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