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Need Worksheets for Summer School?   Let us help you find some!

Extraworksheets.com is here to help you find those last minute extra worksheets that help focus students on the basic skills or practice for an upcoming test. Our extra worksheets are great for summer school activities.
  • Print worksheets for teacher substitutes.
  • Print worksheets to use for games on rainy days.
  • Print worksheets to reinforce and review concepts.
  • Find quick homework handouts.
  • Print worksheets for summer school!!!!
  • Find practice sheets to fill your supplementary materials Folder.
  • Find printable maps to use for quizzes or handouts.
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We also have a Free Preschool Worksheets page.

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"We are listing mainly FREE resources here. It would be GREAT if you would like to contribute by sending us worksheets you have created. See our Add A Resource link for more information. "

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