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Resources for Writing Research Reports / Term Papers

It's always a challenge to guide students as they write research papers --or, as some say, "term papers" at the end of year. We must help them understand the overall process, evaluate their resources, condense their findings, and then write the information using proper citations to avoid plagiarism. Hopefully you will find the resources below helpful for coaching students toward a successful research paper experience.

A few citation services.........

Knightcite from the Hekman Library at Calvin College has a form where you fill in the information from your resource document and a citation is created in your choice of MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style format.

A Very Simple Citation Maker from the Oregon Public Education Network is based on the MLA format. --A great help for students creating a simple Works Cited page.

A few helpful resources.........

Get a free handout from MidLink Magazine that helps students Evaluate a Webpage for ease of use, content, contact information, and more. Use it to talk about credibility and verification of resources one might cite in a research paper.

The American Library Association allows you to look up internet resources by topic or date --a handy research tool.

Grammar Resources

Literature Resources

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