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Worksheets for High School Literature

Whether you are looking for literature worksheets, literary characters, literature books, or supplements for your own literature units, we hope you find something helpful in the links below. Contact Us with ideas about how to make this section more useful.

"Literature Worksheets" may not be exactly what you will find on this page. However, most resources below would be a fantastic place to get a simple handout about an author, a time period in literature, or even a printout of a particular piece of literature.

Paul Reuben from California State University has a great collection of resources for American Literature. Most is informational, but concise and organized --would be great for creating useful student handouts.

Find great books online at www.bartleby.com/

www.thefreelibrary.com/ has thousands of documents --many examples of various kinds of essays, including professionally-written literary analysis articles from both magazines and journals. This would be another great resource to use when choosing articles to have students read or discuss .

Find classics like The Call of the Wild and Huckleberry Finn in readable form online at www.pagebypagebooks.com/

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