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Hopefully you will find the following helpful for extra handouts, homeschooling handouts , or summer school worksheets.

www.funmaths.com lists printable worksheets for high school level math classes, --a wide variety of printables including trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and statistics

Check out Mr. Hoffman's free math worksheets

www.math.com has a free algebra worksheet creator

www.mathworksheetscenter.com has a few free worksheets, nearly all grade levels of math ---and lots of additional worksheets for paying members

At the Math Fact Cafe you can generate your own printable worksheets for extra practice.

Find High School Math Material for Algebra and Geometry created by a retired math teacher...great practice for summer school work.

Our Elementary Math page has additional websites where you can print out worksheets. Often these sights include basic Algebra, Order of Operations, and a few other topics you might find useful in junior high or high school math classes.

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