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Free Worksheets for Elementary Math . . . *See our Summer School Notes!

www.aplusmath.comallows you to create your own worksheets according to topic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and choose the level of difficulty (need 3 digit multiplication worksheet?). You can also have students solve the math problems online instead of printing.

At Math Fact Cafe choose pre-made worksheets by grade level (K through 5th grade) or by topic (basic math facts, multiplication tables, counting money, or telling time).

At Mathnook.com you can print out worksheets for learning to read a tape measure, or learning how to tell time (with or without hands on the clock).

At Schoolexpress.com is a large site where you can print out worksheets for not only math, but most subjects for elementary students. You will find links there to many teacher-created math resources. They have a page for just math: School Express Math

homeschoolmath.net has worksheets for several math levels on a variety of topics: decimals, fractions, number theory, ratios, proportions, percents, and many other elementary math topics. Worksheets are highly customizable and printed as a PDF or in HTML. I can choose from seven different types of word problems to create about finding the average speed, timed down to 5 minute intervals!

mathgoodies.com has worksheets for things like stem-and-leaf plots and perimeter and area. You can also create your own customizable worksheet and have it emailed to you. Under the word problems tab, you can print a "math problem of the week" handout from Noetic Learning.

math-drills.com has categories and topics from simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication speed drills to order of operations and basic Algebra. For most topics, you can print multiple versions of a worksheet, or progressively harder pages that include the answers.

Need graph paper for a math project? Check out a free Graph Paper Generator. This is a pretty cool website to print a variety of different types and sizes of graph paper; use for a summer school activity, or for art or drawing projects, not just graphing math problems!

At Download "Acing Math (One Deck at A Time!)" - a free 67 page book of math games using basic playing cards. Other free resources include flash cards and engaging games and visuals. It's a step away from worksheets, but worth exploring.


** Please note that many of the links we gave above work for junior high or upper-level math as well. You might want to visit our High School math page to see if we've listed additional websites there you might find helpful for any level of math.**

Free Homeschool Reasources has a variety of math drill sheets for lower grades.

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We've created a page of resources that are not "free" but might be worth checking out. If you don't mind spending a few dollars for some useful math products, go to our Math Products for Sale page.

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