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Free Worksheets for Elementary History

History worksheets for younger students can be anything from maps to coloring pages. We've found a few resources for each. For more great history resources, visit our High School History page or our Free Worksheets for All Grades link on the Home page.

www.historyonthenet.com has a variety of elementary level history worksheets you can print for free

EnchantedLearning.com is a place I've used often to print capital and state free worksheets for history students. They have maps of all the countries of the world that include quizzes and answer keys.

Curriki.org was created with the idea of collecting and sharing open-source curriculum. It's complex but full of valuable free elementary history material written by teachers. Spend some time learning to use the search features and you are sure to great free lessons, handouts, and worksheets for your classroom.

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